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Azovmashinvest Holding Ltd (In Liquidation) – Letter to all known Creditors – 29.05.2017

Azovmashinvest Holding Ltd (In Liquidation) – Supreme Court Order Re Civil Application 11/2017

Azovmashinvest Holding Ltd (In Liquidation) – Provisional Liquidator’s Preliminary Report to Court – 24 April 2017

Notice to Creditors – Deadline for Submission of Proofs of Debt – Mriya Agro Holding Public Ltd (in liquidation) (the “Company”)

Pursuant to section 251 of Cap 113 of the Laws of Cyprus, creditors must submit their…

One Way Road to the Death of Ailing Companies – the New Receivership Bill

There has been much speculation in relation to the Receivership Bill which proposes to introduce a…

The Mriya Affair – “Where there is a will there is a way”

By the time the “looting campaign” against one of Ukraine’s largest agricultural operators, the Mriya Group…

Mriya Agro Holding Public Limited – Report to Creditors of the Provisional Liquidator – 11 May 2016

Mriya Agro Holding Public Limited – Supplementary Report of the Provisional Liquidator – 16 November 2015

Mriya Agro Holding Public Limited – Informative Report of the Provisional Liquidator – 15 May 2015

European Account Preservation Orders – a useful tool for creditors or a step too far against debtors?

On 14 May 2014 the EU Regulation 655/2014 came into force and will apply from 18…

Examinership: Potential for Abuse

A process putting companies “on life support with no prospect of survival” is how examinership was…

Good and Bad Bank

The events that unfolded last Thursday in Cyprus, created intense anxiety and concern with regard to…