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Corporate Services

CRI offers a strong team of specialists each bringing their own experience and proficiency but together delivering an effective platform of knowledge in Business services, Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Security IT, Recruitment, Printing and many others.

The open market alongside with other modern economic legislations and policies have allowed for increasing competition, fast-changing technology and shifting financial markets and have created a climate where no business can assume economic stability. While downsizing provides short term solutions in reduced employment and costs, it encourages the compromise of executive talent who may have ordinarily, competently anticipated and tackled corporate adversity.  Each policy and strategy has its advantages and disadvantages.

For impartial, in-depth one-to-one advice


CRI provides management services to companies seeking professional help.

Where a formal insolvency process is the only solution, we can advise on the most appropriate route to follow.

We perform an initial diagnosis to determine the landscape and areas requiring attention. With consideration to an in-depth analysis a strategy is created to reach an optimal sustainable climate of operation in order to achieve financial stability and profitability.  If you have personal or corporate financial challenges requiring informed advice and input; if you’re a secured or unsecured creditor or professionally involved with those facing financial difficulties, CRI can help. We provide advice designed to help people and companies deal successfully with debt and financial problems – and wherever possible, we will find the best solution that allows for active steps towards financial recovery.