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Piercing the corporate veil

When a court rules that the directors, shareholders or beneficial owners of a company should be…

Helios, the Failed Airline, will continue to haunt Cyprus as the battle for its liquidation is likely to last for several months.

On the 9th of April 2009, Louis Hotels Public Company Ltd, a creditor of Helios, filed…

What is Bankruptcy and what are its Repercussions

Bankruptcy is ones inability to discharge personal debts as and when these become due for payment….

In May 2009, 16 public companies filled for Bankrutcy in the US

Contrary to popular belief that Recovery is on its way in the world’s biggest Economy, USA,…

One million people insolvent in the UK

Around 700,000 people are currently left off the official British insolvency figures, even though they are…

Corporate Restructuring in the light of the world’s financial crises

In volatile economic conditions there are always going to be businesses that suffer from a downturn….